1, Can I swim with lashes?
Yes! You can swim in both salt and chlorine water, but we do suggest washing your lashes as soon as possible afterward. Wearing goggles is recommended as they will protect your lashes, allowing them to maintain good retention.
2, How do I clean my lashes?
Always use oil-free makeup remover. We suggest using Chrissanthie lid cleanser and a clean eyeshadow makeup brush. Holding your brush at a vertical angle towards the lashes, go down in between lashes and clean from base to tip. Move the brush back and forth in a small gentle scrubbing motion. Rinse with water. Let them air dry.
3, How do I take care of the lashes?
Your must cleanes your lashes daily and brush them. we will provide you with a brush and gentle cleanser.
4, What's the lead time of your lashes?
If you order lashes what we usually have in stock,we can ship them right now.
If you order lashes with your logo,the lead time of pre made fans is 3-5 days,it's 5-12 days of individuai lashes. We need another 3-5 days to design and print your private label.
5, Can I order lashes with my own logo?How to do it? Can you print my logo in hot stmping?Or not silver?Can i print in spot color?How long to take to finish my order with my logo on?
yes we make lashes with your logo on.
Please send me your logo in AI or PDF. We will show you the design of your privats label later
Yes we can print your logo in hot stamping and hot silver.But we need your logo in AI. And the pice is more expensive.
We can use spot color printing.Please tell me the specific color numer.
The lead time of pre made fans is about 5 days. It's 5-12 days of individual lashes.We need anther 3-5 days to design and print your private label.